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10 Reasons To Try A Rubik's Cube Competition

Speedcubing competitions are thrilling events where enthusiasts from all walks of life come together to celebrate their love for solving Rubik's Cubes. If you've ever considered joining a competition but haven't yet taken the plunge, here are 10 Reasons To Try A Rubik's Cube Competition by Tingman. Make sure to watch the video in full!

1. You Probably Already Qualify

Contrary to popular belief, you don't need to be super-fast to compete. If you can solve a cube in under 10 minutes, you're good to go! Some competitions require under 5 minutes, but don’t worry if you're not under 1 minute yet. So, why wait? Sign up now!

2. Meet Other Cubers

Rubik's Cube competitions are melting pots of diversity. Here, you'll meet like-minded people of all ages, backgrounds, races, and genders. The community's inclusivity means you're sure to make lasting friendships.

3. Get Your Solves Officially Recorded

Participating in a competition allows your solves to be officially recorded on the WCA website. It's a great way to see where you stand among other competitors and track your progress.

4. Easy to Find and Sign Up

Finding a competition is easy! Visit, and you can find an event near you. With competitions held weekly worldwide, you're never far from your next cubing challenge. Remember to filter by region to find the closest one.

5. Everyone is Friendly and Supportive

The atmosphere at these competitions is incredibly supportive. Delegates trained by the WCA are there to help, and fellow competitors are more focused on personal progress than comparison.

6. March 2024: Official Newcomers Month

March 2024 is officially Newcomers Month with the WCA. It's the perfect time for first-timers, with clear tutorials and events tailored to newcomers.

7. Witness a World Record

Imagine being present when a world record is shattered! The thrill of witnessing such a feat in person is indescribable and something every cuber should experience.

8. Be Inspired

Competitions can motivate you to learn and solve puzzles beyond the classic 3x3. From Megaminx to Square-1, there’s a whole world of puzzles to explore. Fellow cubers often let you try their puzzles, so don't hesitate to ask!

9. An Unforgettable Experience

The unique atmosphere of speedcubing competitions ensures they are unlike any other sport or event. It's an experience you'll remember for a lifetime.

10. The Thrill of the Solve

There's nothing quite like the rush of solving a Rubik's Cube as fast as you can. Achieving a personal record in a competition setting is exceptionally satisfying.

Ready to dive into the world of speedcubing competitions? Now is the perfect time, especially with the Newcomer Month in March 2024. Whether you're in Australia or anywhere else in the world, there's a competition waiting for you.

Participating in a Rubik's Cube competition is a step towards joining a community of passionate, supportive individuals, all united by the love of cubing. So, why not give it a try and see where this exciting journey takes you?


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